Canton Rep: Clarence Mingo Carves Out Career in Public Service

Ohio native Clarence Mingo will take the next step by entering the race for State Treasurer. Below is an excerpt of a 2014 profile done by the Canton Repository:

When Clarence Mingo left Stark County 23 years ago, he was determined to fulfill his ambitions, chief among them to be a public servant.

He accomplished many of his goals. Among his achievements is his current job as Franklin County auditor in Columbus.

A native of Canton, Mingo, 41, graduated from McKinley High School in 1990, after which he joined the U.S. Army. He served in the 1st Infantry Division, which was deployed to southern Iraq during the first Gulf War.

Upon his discharge in 1993, Mingo became one of thousands of American soldiers stricken by the mysterious “Gulf War Illness” and has spent the last 23 years managing its symptoms on a daily basis.

“I was in an initial group of veterans who returned home from war sick,” he said. “I began developing a variety of neurological symptoms.”

Undaunted, Mingo earned an undergraduate degree in political science from Ohio State University in 1996, followed by a law degree from the university in 1998.

“After law school, I started a private law practice where I represented kids as a guardian ad litem,” he said. “I did that for 10 years, then decided to enter public service.”

Though he is a Republican, Mingo was able to win over voters in heavily Democratic Franklin County to become county auditor in 2010.

“The voters have recognized service over political party,” he said.

You can read the entire article here.