Vision: Transform the State Treasurer’s role through innovation and transparency to fuel job growth and Ohio’s financial prosperity in the years ahead.

Transparency in Every Corner of Ohio

Clarence will build on the work of the previous State Treasurers, empower the expansion of transparency and openness to local and state government.

  • Expand Open Checkbook to all levels of government to shine a new light on how government spends its money in Ohio
  • Promote all state agencies to pursue transparency and open government
  • Empower and challenge all municipalities to be part of Open Checkbook by 2022

Financial Security for all Ohioans 

Clarence will redefine and innovate strategies so all Ohioans have access to information and opportunities to improve their financial wellness.

  • Empower small business entrepreneurs with the skills and tools to help them build their businesses
  • Make information, experienced mentors, and experts accessible to all Ohioans so they can meet and exceed their financial needs
  • Connect veterans and Ohio’s military families with real financial readiness solutions to help them and their families succeed
  • Ensure consumers have a safe place to bank, save and build their credit history
  • Pursue an innovative approach to focus Ohioans of all ages, on the importance of planning for retirement

Innovation Toward Privacy and Security

Clarence will protect the personal information and money of Ohioans from theft, fraud, exploitation, and cyber risks is vital. To stay ahead of the cyber criminals, we must transform and innovate the standards by which we operate.

  • Use technology to innovate and modernize automation, efficiency, and security
  • Strengthen cybersecurity to defend Ohioans against cyber criminals
  • Lead efforts to enhance and preserve Ohio’s credit rating to fuel our state’s financial future
  • Fully commitment to transparency to ensure that all State Treasurer programs are being used only for their legal and intended purposes

Fuel Job Creation and Ohio’s Financial Prosperity

Clarence will transform how the State Treasurer invests tax dollars to help fuel job creation and Ohio’s financial prosperity.

  • Small Business Advancement – low cost loans for technology expansion
  • Create partnerships for Infrastructure Renewal and Expansion
  • Promote Modern Manufacturing Funds for manufacturing businesses seeking to locate, expand or remain in Ohio
  • Promote Technology Funds for technology businesses seeking to locate, expand or remain in Ohio
  • Challenge Ohio’s municipal finance leaders to share insights on what opportunities exist at the local level