Ohio University College Republicans Endorse Clarence Mingo for State Treasurer

Ohio University College Republicans Formally Endorse Clarence Mingo for State Treasurer

As Ohio University College Republicans, we look to strong, hardworking leaders for guidance. We have maintained the highest regard for continuing and strengthening the conservative message. In the 2016 election we helped turn the blue county of Athens into a red county for local and state officials. Our dedication to the Republican Party is deeply rooted into every one of our members and we look forward to continuing our mission.

Our strong convictions to the conservative message have led us to look towards our future state treasurer. We have worked with Auditor Mingo before and have always held him to a high standard because of his outreach to our club. Auditor Mingo spent time interacting with our members as individuals.

Clarence Mingo represents a new generation of Republican leadership. His message of inclusion while standing on principle resonates well with our members.

For these reasons, at our latest meeting, we held a vote to endorse Clarence Mingo for the next treasurer for the state of Ohio. We are all excited for where his career takes him and look forward to being part of the team that gets him there.