What They’re Saying: Clarence Mingo for State Treasurer

We wanted to share with you links to news articles from around Ohio talking about Clarence and his campaign for State Treasurer.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo enters Ohio treasurer’s race

Columbus Dispatch: Mingo makes it official: He’s running for Ohio treasurer

Toledo Blade: Columbus-area auditor joins GOP race for Ohio treasurer

US News: Columbus-Area Auditor Joins GOP Race for Ohio Treasurer

ABC6: Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo announces candidacy for State Treasurer

WBNS-10TV: Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo joins GOP race for Ohio treasurer

Also, below are quotes from Republican leaders from every region of Ohio talking about why they are supporting Clarence’s campaign for State Treasurer.

“I’ve had the honor to work for many statewide candidates in Ohio, from Governor, US Senate and even President. Clarence represents the conservative principles and leadership that Republicans look for in their leaders. I am excited to support him in his campaign to be Ohio’s next State Treasurer.”

-Janet Creighton, Stark County Commissioner

“Clarence Mingo has been a great County Auditor and as State Treasurer, he will bring with him the fiscal experience and conservative credentials needed to successfully run that office.”

-Ron O’Brien, Franklin County Prosecutor

“As a County Treasurer, I am excited about Clarence’s candidacy to be Ohio’s next State Treasurer. Not only will he bring solid conservative principles to the office, but he also will bring a great track record of reaching out and working with other elected leaders. Clarence is part of the new generation of conservative leadership that Ohio needs.”

-Nancy Nix, CPA, Butler County Treasurer

“I heartily endorse Clarence Mingo for the office of State Treasurer.  I have known Clarence for some years now, and I know from his superb ‘track record’ that he will bring the leadership and experience to the State Treasurer’s office that conservative Republicans look for, as should all Ohioans. As a fellow veteran, I also know that Clarence will work tirelessly to ensure veterans and their families’ financial wellness and security through his work as Ohio’s next State Treasurer.”

-Colonel Tom Moe, USAF (ret)

“I am excited to support Clarence and his campaign for State Treasurer. I have worked alongside Clarence as a fellow County Auditor for the last 8 years, and I know that Clarence will fight to protect Ohio’s taxpayers and assist working families as our next State Treasurer.”

-Jill Thompson, Athens County Auditor

“Clarence is the fresh voice we need in Ohio.  As County Auditors, Clarence and I have worked side by side to provide conservative leadership to our communities.  Clarence is a proven conservative who has stood up for common-sense fiscal policies every step of his career.  I am proud to have him as a colleague, and I am excited to support him in bringing his proven track record of conservatism to the Ohio Treasurer of State’s office.”

-Matt Nolan, Warren County Auditor

“I have known Clarence for nearly a decade and enthusiastically support his campaign for Ohio State Treasurer. I have seen first hand his great work as Franklin County Auditor, where he has taken his conservative principles and helped the citizens of Franklin County. I know he will do the same for Ohio’s citizens as our next State Treasurer.”

-Cheryl Grossman, former State Representative, Ohio’s 23rd House District 

“As County Auditors, I have gotten to know Clarence Mingo over the past several years. Clarence always acts with integrity, care and thoughtfulness. He is very willing to work with others and is not afraid to reach out to other leaders. He will bring those same qualities to the State Treasurer’s office.”

-Kevin Garringer, Henry County Auditor


“My support for Clarence is unequivocal.  He is a highly informed and responsible leader, one who is constantly looking for efficiency and innovation.  But he is also very tuned in to the needs of his constituents, demonstrating this on a number of occasions as Franklin County Auditor.  I am very confident that as Ohio’s next Treasurer of State, he will not only completely fulfill his statutory duties, but he will also move the State forward in financial accountability, utility and efficiency.”

-Andrea Weaver, Union County Auditor


“Clarence is a conservative who has the experience, integrity, and compassion to lead as Ohio’s next State Treasurer.”

-David Gifford, Adams County Auditor


“I am proud to endorse Clarence Mingo for the office of Treasurer of State.  Clarence has time and again proven himself to be an excellent county auditor and I wholeheartedly support his campaign for State Treasurer.”

-Cindy Owings Waugh, Vinton County Auditor